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The aperitif
Fine sparkles

Reveal the fruits' and plants' flavour.

Manufacture Bordeaux

Manufacture Bordeaux is revolutionizing the aperitif moment by bringing together several generations to share a unique, natural and refreshing moment around healthy and ethical drinks. Our mission is to offer the world the widest range of beverages finely sparkling, organic, premium, modern for unforgettable and festive moments. Two ranges are available to add a twist to your aperitif: Unaju and Biobir.

Infusion and fines sparkles

Our manufacturing process is inspired by Bordeaux winemaking know-how with a technological infusion process which allows all the aromatics to be extracted from the raw materials. We also worked on the sparkling to deliver a fine and intense bubble which brings an additional dimension when tasting.

Transparency of our juices

Our juices are free from added flavour, artificial colouring and chemical preservatives. They are unique as they are produced with natural ingredients harvested by agricultural cooperatives. Any time, consumers can check on our website where the primary ingredients are grown.

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